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Project 04

Masters of the Camers



Nadine Brown


Type Composition


Help Refugee Children


Summer 2019

The main content of Karl Blossfeldt's photo book is some photos of plants with dark tones, and the author expresses them in a darker way of shooting. When I started typography, I found that there are many plants of different species, but they have similar shapes, so I will first consider grouping them together when typography, so that it is visually consistent. I chose black and white as the main color to match the color of the photo. If you use similar colors, it may not particularly highlight the photo as the subject. If you use a lot of colors, it will also steal the reader's attention, so I chose black and white.

cover  拷贝.jpg
目录 拷贝.png
1 拷贝.png
2 拷贝.png
3 拷贝.png
4 拷贝.png
5 拷贝.png
细节2 拷贝.jpg
细节1 拷贝.jpg

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Zirui Shao

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