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Project 01

Disney Annual Report

Disneyland-New-Castle-Colors-scaled (1).jpg


David Hake


Type System


Annual report design


Spring 2020

The project aims to redesign the annual report for Disney. I found the 2018 annual report on the company's official website as the main content, mainly using a Disney-style design to complete this project.


Disney is a childhood memory for many people, and Disney can bring joy to people. So in this project, I used color to add a lively feel and then added Disney photos in each chapter section to emphasize the theme. A Disney map is added before each chapter, and when you read the content of a chapter, the map will advance one step, which is also for added interest.

正背面 拷贝.jpg
1 拷贝.png
3 拷贝.png
4 拷贝.png
5 拷贝.png
6 拷贝.png
2 拷贝.png
7 拷贝.png
10 拷贝.png
11 拷贝.png
13 拷贝.png
8 拷贝.png
9 拷贝.png
12 拷贝.png
14 拷贝.png
15 拷贝.png
16 拷贝.png
17 拷贝.png
18 拷贝.png
19 拷贝.png
20 拷贝.png
21 拷贝.png
22 拷贝.png
26 拷贝.png
23 拷贝.png
24 拷贝.png
25 拷贝.png
12 拷贝.png

Zirui Shao

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